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Materials Can NOT be Processed by Scrap Steel Crushing Line scrap steel crushing line is designed for the processing of scrap car bodies, tinplate, discarded appliances, bicycles, refrigerators, steel tile, metal cans and other metal scrap. This line has the features of high grinding efficiency, uniform discharging particles with lumpy shapes. It is easy to transport, also enhance the dissolution rate. Scrap steel crusher is driven by geared motor which is power saving 20%. The blades of the scrap steel crusher adopts intermeshing design and made of high-alloy which has good effect on high hardness materials such as unsorted mixed low quality scrap metal and scrap cars, briquettes, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

However, there are some kinds of materials that can not be processed by scrap steel crushing line:
Steel cable with diameter more than 22mm, length more than 7.5m;
Alloy steel shaft with diameter more than 25mm;
Mild steel shaft with diameter more than 37mm;
Board with thickness over 20mm, length more than 300mm;
Board with thickness over 25mm, length more than 150mm;
Structural Profiles with cross-section more than 12.5mm;
Steel bars with diameter greater than 40mm;
High carbon steel round bar with diameter greater than 12mm;
Ingots, billets and similar materials, etc.

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