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Scrap Car Recycling Line

 Scrap Car Dismantling&Crushing Recycling Line

This line is employed to recycling scrap car shell after removal of engine and other internal structures. A dedicated heavy metal crusher is used for coarse crushing; use the heavy horizontal crusher for further crushing; after crushing, use wind power equipment and specialized device for dust removal; at last, separate the iron-based metal by a intensity magnetic device.


products have exported to Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Ireland, Austria, Turkey, France, the Netherlands, the United States , South Korea , etc.


Car, aluminum, engine casting, scrap wood, white goods, steel foot materials, electronic waste.



 Compact design saveing space;
 Tilt up and down open type box, easy to replace the blade;
 High usage factor bearing, reducing the bearing damage caused by improper use;
 Combine process of rotor and box to ensure that the shear gap between the movable and fixed knives;
 There are replaceable wear plates on the container panels at both sides of rotor;
 The standard models can be connected to wind feeding device;
 Independent control electric box , Siemens PL, dynamic real-time monitoring;
 Whole line meets CE safety standards.

 able to customize solutions for different needs, and design full recirculation device according to local technical requirements and relevant laws. Equipments made  reach the world advanced level in the security, economic and ecological protection. 

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