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Tire Recycling Production Line


1. Tires Circle Cutter 
Cut open the joint of the tire’s side and top. 

Name Motor power Weight Capacity Tire specification
Tire circle cutter 4kw 650kg 40pcs/h 650-1200mm
(Both reinforced and nylon tires)

2. Tire Strip Cutter 
Cut the circle of the tire into 5-8cm strips. 
Name Motor power Weight Capacity Cutting size
Tire strip cutter 4kw 850kg 2.5t/h 5x8cm

3. Tires Slice Cutter 
Cut the strips into chunks about 3.5 cubic centimeters.
Name Motor power Weight Capacity Cutting size
Tire slice cutter 4kw 800kg 0.8t/h 3x5x8cm

4. Rims Separator 
Make the steel rims and the rubber on the mouth of tire separated. 
Name Motor power Weight Capacity
Rims separator 7.5kw 1300kg 100pcs/h

5. Rubber Crusher (Host Equipment)
This Rubber crusher is used to crush the waste tire into rubber powder. Environmental protection and energy saving, Market Prospect Broadness.
Normal crushers make 1 ton rubber powder will consume 250-280 degree power, but ours energy saving machine only consume 150-180 degree powder.
That is because the bearings used on the machines are different, normal one is sliding friction, but ours are rolling friction!
And our capacity is also higher than normal ones on the market.
High output, and energy saving!  The money you saved on the power can buy another production line.

Model Capaicty(T/day)
Roller length Front roll 
linear speed
Roll speed 
Max roller 
350 3 300*500mm 26.2m/min 1:2.5 8mm 30kw Antifriction 
400 6 400*600mm 34.5m/min 1:2.5 8mm 45kw
450 8 450*760mm 38.0m/min 1:2.5 8mm 55kw
560 10 560*800mm
38.6m/min 1:2.5 8mm 75kw
560D 20 560*800mm 42.5m/min 1:2.5 8mm 132kw

6. Magnetic Separator
Separate the fine wire steel or metal from the rubber powder.
Name  Motor power Weight Specifications 
Magnetic separator  1.5kw 400kg Permanent magnet

Tires Circle Cutter 

Tire Strip Cutter

Tire Slice Cutter

Rims Separator
Rubber Crusher
Rubber Powder Crusher

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