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Rubber/Plastic Shredding Machine

 Description of Rubber/Plastic Shredding Machine
 rubber/plastic shredding machine can be used to shred large diameter thick wall pipe, high toughness PE plastic packaging (bundles of plastic film, plastic bags, ton bags, woven bags), plastic plate-frame, rubber products, waste tires, larger trash or other materials. Finished products can be used as the plastic raw materials for reproducing, renewable rubber products and other purposes.

The shredder in tire recycling line is mainly employed to crush the scrap tires for tire rubber recycling.


 Technical Parameters

Model  TS-800  TS-1200
Capacity  0.8-2 t/h  1.5-3.8 t/h
Feeding hole size  ≤ 800mm  ≤ 1200mm
Final slice size  ≤ 50*50mm  ≤ 60*60mm
Power  22+22+1.5KW  55+55+1.5KW
Dimensions(L*W*H*)  2800*2100*2400mm  4800*2800*3500mm
Weight  6.2T  15.6T

 Video of Rubber Crushing

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