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Hospital Waste Crusher


 Description of Hospital Waste Crusher

Landfill or hospital waste(medical waste) shall be with antiseepage measures, other wise poisonous substances, pathogens and radioactive material will seep into the soil with rainwater and the harmful material will enter human bodybe through the food chain, endangering human health. Before the landfill of hospital waste, it must be crushed to achieve volume reduction and harmless treatment.

For hospital waste crushing, Vida designed a new type hospital waste crusher which can be employed for the crushing of cotton ball, gauze, tape, waste water, disposable medical instruments, trash after surgery, expired drugs and so on.


 Features of Vidaq Hospital Waste Crusher

1, Special stainless steel hopper with professional and clean feeding;
2, Thick and sharp crushing knife with high crushing efficiency;
3, Optional discharging size: 10-50mm;
4, The moving knife and stable blade are made of alloy steel with long service life;
5, Knife number: 10 to 60;
6. PLC control, easy to operate;
7, Thick steel plate used for the crusher frame with high torque resistance;
8, Easy operation, low energy consuption, low maintenance cost, economic and durable;
9, Can be used with climbing machine, the blade teeth number can be made according to custmoers;
10, The knife shaft can automatic reverse runs in case of really hard material in the crushing chamber to prevent motor overload.

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