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Features of  New Metal Crusher:
1, with torque, high yield, no impatient tone, wear and so on.
2, can significantly reduce the volume occupied by the chip, the chip can be continuously fed or intermittently fed.
3, the horizontal double roll crusher can make chips chip drying, briquetting, smelting, crushing, pre-treatment chemicals and fireproof materials, transport becomes easy.
4, with a crushing ratio, high production efficiency, the material advantages of small size
5, the machine drive has a safe electrical protection, which can effectively prevent accidental failure resulting in equipment damage.
6, the chip can be continuously fed or intermittently fed.
7, horizontal chip mill use, easy to subsequent processing chips, reduce the chip size, save storage space.
8, device weight balance wheel, smooth inertia, saving 20%
Up and down two sets of rotor shaft equipped with flywheel, flywheel adjustable speed operation of the cyclical fluctuations, so that even a smooth operation, increased rotational inertia to overcome the resistance movement, saving more than 20%.
9, centralized lubrication system, non-stop oiling, convenient.

Zhengzhou  integrating scientific research, development, production, operating in one, is China Machinery Industry Association, the National Science and Technology Information Network director mechanical products, China Research Society of broken machinery mechanical engineering practical promotion unit of our company has passed ISO9001 Alibaba international BV certification and certification.  is an experienced, pragmatic, rigorous style, business skills, innovation and strong research team. In recent years, companies have been focused research and development cans crusher, cans crusher, two-stage grinder, paint bucket crusher, metal grinder and other energy-saving and environmental protection, can greatly reduce the production cost of the crusher equipment and grinding equipment.

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