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Tire Recycling Machine Treats Waste Tire Comprehensively

Zhengzhou  Industry Co., Ltd established in 2007, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, design, production, sale and service of metal crusher, shredder, tire recycling machine and formwork.

 tire recycling machine used to crush the waste tire into rubber powder, Environmental protection and energy saving. As experts in dealing with waste tires, can be comprehensive treatment waste tire and decompose them into steel,rubber powder and fiber. Tire recycling machine is employed for the recycling of waste rubber and scrap tire including rubber/tire cutter, crusher, separator, etc.

Rubber/tire crusher is designed to crush the waste tire into rubber powder/particals. Features of  rubber crusher are environmental protection, good application prospects; Small size and energy saving. To recycle 1 ton rubber powder, it needs power 250-280 kWh with traditional rubber crusher. However it only consume 150-180 kWh with energy saving rubber recycling machine. That is because the bearings used on the machines are different, normal one is sliding friction, but ours are rolling friction!  Large capactiy, Capacity of rubber crusher is also higher than normal ones on the market. High output, power saving. You can buy another rubber production line with the money you saved on the power.

Magnetic Separator can separate the fine wire steel or metal from the rubber powder. Dedicated to strict quality control and perfect customer service, the experienced staff members in  are always available to provide technical consultancy, discuss your requirements and service machinery overseas, and ensure full customer satisfaction.  Welcome to visit our factory!

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