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The Consist Of Metal Waste Crusher Machine

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Hongrun Waste Metal Shredding machine  is mainly composed of shredding blades,Main cabinet, feed conveyor and outfeed conveyor, power and electric control system,the magnet seperation system.this kind of shredder is used to process bulky materials with high strength,material likeMetal Wsate Crusher | Metal Scrap Crusher | Metal Shredder Machine | Metal Crusher | Metal Hammer Mill Crusher | Rubber Crusher | Plastic Crusher | Life Waste Crusher | Paint Bucket Crusher | Steel Waste Crusher ETC,Which is  easy for further transport and recycle.

Features of Paint Bucket Crusher:
1.Conveyor feeding improving work efficiency;
2.Hammers are made of chrome alloy; liner is made high manganese casting steel; extending the service life of the machine;
3.Continuous feeding or intermittent feeding can be implemented according to production needs;
4.There is a magnetic separation device at the discharge port, which is able to separate the iron and other materials accurately;
5.The crushed material is bright and clean with adjustable and uniform discharging particle size;
6.Paint removal can be more than 95%;
7.Stable, compact, fully automated operation;
8.Large torque, big output, less noise, wearable;
9.Big crushing ratio, high production efficiency;
10.There is electrical security protection to prevent the equipment damage by accidental failure.


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