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Hongrun Energy-saving rubber crusher machine:
waste rubber crusher is the core equipment in the scrap rubber/tire recycling production line. It consists of a pair of rubber breaking rollers with different rotating speed and a gear reducer, driven by electric motor, cooling system included( cooling water pipe insert to roller ).Equipped with rolling bearings on both ends of the work roller, which completely solve the important quality and safety barriers of traditional old machine using bearing shell and nylon sleeve, such as shortly service cycle, frequently lubrication, shortly maitenance cycle etc.
rubber crusher machine sales well home and abroad

Using special larger seamless steel tube (Material:5Cr6MnMo) and forging core shaft (roller production execute national standard HC/T3108-1998), completely solve the problem as easy damaged or fractured of chilled cast iron roller roller. Roller surface adopts CO2 protecting welding, welding with super wear-resistant materials, which ensure machine wear-resisting and durable after long time use under high temperature working enviroment.Motor overload protection device and automatic braking device effectively reduce large accidents. It’s excellent rubber crushing machinery with characterisitcs of easy to repair ,long life- time,higher security performance and low cost.

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