Scrap Aluminum Crusher

Scrap aluminum crusher can be used to process aluminum cans, waste paint cans, bicycles, waste cars, refirgerators, washing machines, etc.
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Scarp Aluminum Crusher

1.Application of scrap aluminum crusher:
Scrap aluminum crusher can be used to process aluminum cans, waste paint cans, bicycles, waste cars, refirgerators, washing machines, computer hard disk, etc. Scrap aluminum crusher is suitable for installation in fixed locations for centralized disposal of metal scrap. Small metal crushers are ideal for grinding equipment used in metal smelting and metal recovery plants.

►2.Scrap aluminum crusher Description:
The production of scrap aluminum crusher is mainly used for grinding large-sized metal materials into solid metal blocks or particles, thereby reducing transportation costs and improving scrap production efficiency. The cluttered metal chips from the top opening into the grinder are twisted by high-speed running gear and torn into small pieces and then discharged from the bottom sieve. The mesh size can be set according to the particle size requirements of the metal chips.

►3. Structure of scrap aluminum crusher :
1) The main shell is made of thick steel plate, lined with high manganese cast steel, can be replaced;
2) the host rotor has 11 steel plate installed in the horizontal axis, steel plate circumference distribution of six pin shaft, axial suspension of 10 hammer;
3) Spindle with ball bearing support, circulating oil forced lubrication cooling, and equipped with temperature sensors;
4) The inlet is equipped with super-powerful binocular feeding device, the position of a high and one low, with the rotation, can loose bulk material gradually flattened into the machine. The machine uses a single motor and dual motor configuration of two, the user can choose according to the size of the transformer model configuration. Double-motor-configured paint barrel crusher effectively reduces the torque force, so that the paint bucket crusher energy saving, like broken shells, barrel metal objects can be used when a motor using machine inertia to break.

►4. Features of scrap aluminum crusher:
1) conveyor to improve work efficiency;
2) hammer made of chrome alloy; lining is high manganese cast steel; extend the service life of the machine;
3) continuous feed or intermittent feed can be carried out according to production needs;
4) There is a magnetic separator at the discharge port that can accurately separate iron and other materials;
5) shredding material bright and clean, nesting particle size adjustable, uniform;
6) paint can be more than 95%;
7) stable, compact, fully automated operation;
8) large torque, large output, low noise, wear;
9) crushing ratio, high production efficiency;
10) electrical safety protection to prevent accidental damage caused by equipment damage.

►5. Professional Service
As a professional crusher(shredder) manufacturer in China, we provide the most powerful large metal crusher, cans crusher, scrap crushing production line. 
 Free consulting service; 
 Suggestion on operation scale and plant program according to clients’ needs; 
 Send experienced engineer to help clients on the installation, commissioning and operator training; 
 For crushing plant, we provide 18 months warranty and lifetime maintenance; 
 Provide technical advice and give technical diagnostics; 
 Help users on their system and equipment upgrades; 
 Supply of accessories; 
 Regularly visit users, collect feedback and meet customer needs.
Should this large type scrap metal crusher or scrap recycling equipments be of interest to you, please do not hesitate  to contact us or complete the form below, and we will response to you as soon as possible. 

 Technical Parameters:

Model HR-600 HR-800 HR-1000
Power 22KW 37KW 55KW
Capacity 500Kg/hour 1000Kg/hour 2000t/h
Feeding Hole Size 600*350mm 800*390mm 1000*550mm
Dischargeing Size ≥5mm 5-30mm 10-40mm
Dimension Size 1,400*1,000*2,500mm 1,800*1,200*2,900mm 2,300*1,600*3,200mm
N.W.  1t 1.6t 6.5t

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