Portable wood chipper

Portable wood chipper is a disc shape wood chipper which can process wood, branches and other hard wood materials into wood chips. This wood chipper is mainly composed of shaving part, crushing part and fan, especially for crushing of hard wood. It is very fast and shar
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Portable wood chipper
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►1.Product Introduction:
Mobile wood chippers are also called mobile wood chip machine, movable chipper, diesel power chipper, the equipment processing raw materials mainly include wood, branches, branches, straw, bamboo pole slices, wood, small Branches, leaves, bark, bamboo sticks, bamboo leaves, feed, chemical raw materials and other materials crushed. The mobile wood chippers are the same as ordinary chippers. The wood chips are cut into small pieces without cutting the wood. This crusher is the necessary equipment for charcoal production, especially wood / wood crushing. Gongyi Hongrun Machinery Factory specializing in the production and export of crushers, screens, dryers, conveyors, rod machines, carbonization furnace and purification machines and other charcoal equipment.

►2. Application:
    Removable chipper is particularly suitable for orchards, botanical gardens, landscaping departments, can be trimmed down branches, trunks, leaves crushed for fertilizer. Movable chipper with blade cutting and high-speed air impact, collision double crushing function in one, and can simultaneously complete the micro-material sorting process. In the blade cutting crushing process, the rotor produces high-speed air, with the blade cutting direction of rotation, the material in the air flow to accelerate, and repeated impact of the material at the same time by double crushing, speed up the material crushing rate.
►3. Performance characteristics
1) Chipper alloy tool wear sharp, reliable and advanced, improve service life; unique crushing system design, greatly improving the service life of the equipment. Crushing chamber using multi-stage crushing process and crushing principle device, which is characterized by large impact work, high production efficiency, crushing ability.
2) chipper consumable parts less consumption, low operating costs; reasonable structure, crushing principle and advanced technology, reliable operation, low operating costs; all parts of the grinder are wear protection, maintenance costs will be reduced to a minimum, The general life can be increased by more than 30%.
3) chipper dust collector for a box body, the lower part of the box with a gray door, the box should be installed in a vertical frame. The vertical frame is covered with a filter bag, and the dust collector receives the dust from the centrifugal separator. From the box into the box into the box, through the filter bag into the machine outside the space. As the filter bag dust collector dust removal efficiency of up to 97% or more. So the working environment without pollution. When the filter filter resistance will rise, then you can choose to stop, rest time for manual cleaning. Clean the filter bag dust, the camera can shake the bag for dozens of seconds, so that the dust in the bag on the surface of the dust shake down, can be directly shake off the dust through the box ash into the dust bag, and then Cleared. Green, no pollution.

►4. Machine installation:
Chipper can be installed on the basis of concrete or steel support structure, with anchor bolts. In order to open the cover to replace the knife and install the bottom knife base, should retain enough space position. V-belt installation: in the installation of the V-belt before the appropriate to reduce the pulley spacing in order to load the V-belt; with a ruler to check the straightness of the two rounds of the end to ensure that the two rounds of the same plane in the plane; , Once again check the triangle belt tightness, and make the necessary adjustments.
►5. Use and maintenance instructions
1) Chipper test before starting to strictly check the installation of various parts of the machine to meet the requirements, whether the loose screw bolts, hand gently pull the belt test, whether the shell case and so on. At the same time check the direction of rotation, is strictly prohibited smashing flammable, explosive items, so as to avoid accidents.
2) chipper production should be kept evenly to ensure the quality of crushing and normal production, while the motor is strictly prohibited to ensure that the normal operation of the machine.
3) In addition to regular attention to check the various parts of the fastening, but also should pay attention to check the wearing parts of the wear and tear, such as serious wear and tear should be replaced in time to avoid damage to the main components. And take the necessary fire protection measures
4) Due to the high speed, in addition to the installation of a firm and solid, while maintaining good lubrication to maintain the normal operation of the machine. Under normal circumstances the bearing temperature does not exceed 70 degrees normal. Host bearing a week to add butter, molybdenum disulfide, high-speed butter better.

Technical Parameters:

Model Power
Cutter Diameter Cutter No. Weight Dimension
40 7.5 480 0.4m 4 350kg 1.25×0.65×0.75
60 18.5 1000 0.6m 6 500kg 1.8×1.3×0.9
80 22 1300 0.7m 6 800kg 2.1×1.5×1.3

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