Whole Tire Shredder

Tire shredder machine is used to recycle the waste tires into rubber powder. It has the features of environmental protection and energy saving, market prospect broadness. 
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Whole Tire Shredder
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1. Products:
  I produced the tire rubber shredder, which can cut and tear the waste tires, the car more scrapped tires are more, and tires can be used to smelter oil and produce recycled rubber, before the need to manually Cut off, and then crushed with a pulverizer, a waste of labor is not that efficiency is also low. The tire rubber shredder only need to put the entire tire directly into, you can tear broken into small pieces of material out, very convenient and efficient. The.
►2. Tire grinder process:
      Process: waste tire → tire cutting machine → tire shredder → tire rubber grinder → a magnetic separator → grinding machine → screening machine → feeding machine → grinding machine → semi-finished products → re-magnetic separation → inspection → storage.

►3. Tire grinder structural features:
   1) all steel welding frame, durable, then hopper made of stainless steel, can be made all stainless steel plastic crusher;
   2) spindle rough, high precision machining, smooth operation, long life;
   3) imported chrome steel double-sided blade cutter, blade sharp, can be used for the first, durable;
   4) Tool holder optimization design, claw-type tool holder spiral distribution, can be dispersed by the strength of broken material to reduce the impact of the impact of material, making the claw knife breaking force greater;
   5) easy to remove the design easy to repair and cleaning, and a double structure, with sound insulation material, the noise is very low;
   6) equipped with motor overload and power supply chain protection system to ensure safe operation; the biggest advantage of this system is to save labor, low noise, crushed material without dust, environmental protection, trouble-free, especially for dust-free workshop;
   7) This system uses a fully automated system, applied to the plastic recycling industry
►4. Note the operation of the tire mill:
1) Tire Shredders Before starting work, the entire production line should be checked, such as circuits, transmission, tearing and so on.
2) before the start of the load, it should be carried out no-load operation, in the absence of abnormal circumstances, before the start of production.
3) Shredder sieve is an important part of the work of the shredder, it should check whether it is fixed, whether there is leakage of the situation.
4) If the process of sudden abnormal sound, or the outlet was blocked, and the motor bearing fever is not normal and so on, should be photographed emergency stop button to check the cause, excluding After the failure to work.
►5. Tire shredding machine working principle
1) Crusher main body
The main body of the equipment is made of high quality steel plate welding to eliminate the stress treatment and the whole machining to ensure the stability of the equipment in the heavy load.
2) Knife / knife
The tool is made of special special alloy tool steel forging blank, precision machining, multiple heat treatment and low temperature refrigeration heat treatment technology, the overall toughness of the same hardness can be used repeatedly to ensure that the cutting performance and service life. Set the knife with a patented hook-type installation, optimize the tool replacement function, so that tool maintenance replacement more efficient.
3) bearing / seal
It is easy to maintain and replace the tool. The unique sealing structure effectively blocks the contact between the broken material and the grease, and the liquid material can also protect the bearing. The bearing can be used to protect the bearing. And gears.

Technical Parameters

Model  TA-S900  TA-S1200
Capacity  0.8-2 t/h  1.5-3.8 t/h
Feeding hole size  ≤ 800mm  ≤ 1200mm
Final slice size  ≤ 50*50mm  ≤ 60*60mm
Power  22+22+1.5KW  55+55+1.5KW
Dimensions(L*W*H*)  2800*2100*2400mm  4800*2800*3500mm
Weight  6.2T  15.6T

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