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Household garbage crusher adopts planetary gear reducer drive, its blade is made of high-strength alloy steel with strong wear resistance and high strength.The shafts works in different speed, thus producing the power of tear, squeeze and bite.
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Life Waste Shredder
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1. Products:
  Domestic waste shredders commonly used structures are single-axis, double-axis, four-axis three. The living garbage crusher is driven by planetary gear reducer, the blade is made of high strength alloy steel, has strong wear resistance and high strength and so on, the shaft between the differential operation, tear, squeeze, bite, etc. Features. Professional for a variety of domestic waste materials and design, suitable for crushing all kinds of garbage, such as: waste clothing, waste shoes, waste quilts, waste supplies, bags, waste wood, waste plastics, food waste, medical waste. Provide professional design upon request. With uniform discharge, the size of control, production, low noise and other advantages.
►2. Garbage shredder construction:
  Garbage shredder by the motor, hardened gear reducer, rotary knife shaft, imported knife, knife, rack, frame, box, work platform and other major components. Shredder mounted on the rack, the rotary knife shaft is equipped with a removable insert knife, the number of knives according to the different models and the size of the rotary knife shaft, and the knife is a four corners can use the knife, After the blunt removal of the replacement angle, until the four sides with blunt and then sharpening, because it is a claw knife, rotary cutting, and fixed knife and knife is imported SKD11 material, after heat treatment hardness of HRC60 ° above, so use Long life, cutting ability, high capacity, the normal use of more than 1,000 tons need to sharpen. Double-shaft shredder with PLC programmable control, high degree of automation, easy to operate.

3. Scope of application:
Household waste: second hand clothing, second hand shoes, waste quilts, waste, bags, waste plastics, food waste, medical waste
Wood: wood trim, wooden pallets, solid wood, branches
Barrels products: plastic barrels, metal barrels, paint barrels, IBC barrels, trash
Garbage: garbage, medical waste, food waste industrial waste, garden garbage
Plastic products: all kinds of plastic film, plastic bags, woven bags, plastic bottles, plastic boxes, plastic blocks, plastic cans,
Metal products: aluminum, oil filter, car shell, cans, metal cans
Paper: newspapers, cardboard, corrugated paper, copy paper
Electronic appliances: refrigerators, circuit boards, laptop computers, TV shell, CD discs
Glass products: glass wool, glass, glass bottles
Rubber: tires, all kinds of rubber products
4. garbage shredding machine works:
Garbage shredder with dual-axis independent drive, which in the production, so that the material produced by the corresponding pressure to achieve automatic feeding function, the unique structure of the knife shaft and four-angle rotary tool, in the low-speed high-torque production process, The equipment is suitable for all kinds of toughness, high viscosity of the material crushing, in the production, environmental protection, recycling and other aspects have a lot of advantages.
5. Garbage shredder features:
1) thick knife, high crushing power, tools are alloy steel casting, strong long life.
2) frame plate thick, can be high torque, very strong.
3) the use of microcomputer (PC) automatic control, set the start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reversal control.
4) equipment with low speed, high torque, low noise, dust can meet the characteristics of environmental standards.
5) easy to adjust, low maintenance costs, economic and durable.
6) The thickness of the tool and the number of knives can be replaced according to different materials.

model power(kw) Yield(kg/h) Number of shears Inlet size(mm)
HR-GX-500 7.5 300-800 16 680*760
HR-GX-600 11 400-1000 24 840*760
HR-GX-800 22 600-1200 32 1000*760
HR-GX-1000 18.5*2 1000-3000 20 1170*990

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