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Small metal crushers produced are mainly employed to grind large size metallic material into into solid metal lumps or granules, thus reducing transport costs and improving the efficiency of scrap steelmaking.
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Small Metal Crusher -----coca cola crusher
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►1.Coca-Cola Crusher Description:
The production of small metal grinder is mainly used for grinding large-sized metal materials into solid metal blocks or particles, thereby reducing transportation costs and improving scrap production efficiency. The cluttered metal chips from the top opening into the grinder are twisted by high-speed running gear and torn into small pieces and then discharged from the bottom sieve. The mesh size can be set according to the particle size requirements of the metal chips.
►2. Fundamentals:
Coca-Cola cans dedicated crusher is the basic principle of the use of hammer hit, driven by high-speed high-torque motor, the host rotor on the hammer hit into the cavity to be broken into the cavity, through the liner and the hammer between the formation Of the space, to be broken in the crushing chamber can be fully and effectively crushed, to be broken into pieces to be crushed to meet the specifications. Crushed material through the air swing sorting system, the metal and non-metallic materials for aluminum and iron separation, to extract the recycled metal materials, Hongrun Metal Crushing Machinery Co., Ltd. high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, the material crushing and other advantages The And the use of the equipment, low noise, no pollution, simple operation, easy maintenance.

►3. How it works:
Coca-Cola cans crusher crushing machine is completed in the crushing chamber at all levels, the material into the hopper, the control of the board into the studio, the material in the activities of high-speed rotation of the broken disk centrifugal force, step by step into the crushing chamber , The material in the crushing knife impact, shear, friction and the impact of each other under the combined effects of materials were broken. The crushed material of the Coca-Cola tank crusher is discharged through the screen. The fineness of the broken body can be achieved by replacing the screen with the same diameter (mesh). This small metal crusher is a biaxial mill, composed of worm gear, chassis, rack, screwdriver, drive shaft, driven shaft, gear, pinion and other components. The geared motor is directly connected to the worm motor and is mounted directly on the drive shaft. The power is transmitted from the gear to the driven shaft, causing the tool on the spindle and the driven shaft to form relative movement, causing the material to be crushed and crushed and torn in the mill.
4. Application:
Small metal crusher can be used to process all kinds of lathes and scrap, such as canned, canned, paint bucket, thin metal, iron slag, tin, beer caps, aluminum doors and windows, circuit boards and so on. Suitable for installation in fixed locations for centralized disposal of metal scrap. Small metal crushers are ideal for grinding equipment used in metal smelting and metal recovery plants.
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►5. Features:
1) with a large particle size, crushing ratio, high efficiency;
2) simple structure, compact assembly, light weight;
3) product size uniformity, broken ratio;
4) easy maintenance, wear small; 5, low power consumption advantages.
►6. Automatically
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Feed: herringbone conveyor 6m * 0.5m, motor: 3kw,
Discharge: belt conveyor 4m * 0.5m, motor 3kw,
Magnetic roller: 0.15T,
Fan: fan Φ0.9 * 2.2m + 1.1kw motor
Starting cabinet: 30kw 40kw 75kw
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►7. service
Pre-sale services: to provide you with the project design, process design, suitable for your machine, equipment selected  program development, according to your special requirements, design and manufacture of products.
Sales service: to accompany you to complete the equipment acceptance, to help develop the construction program and  detailed process.
After-sales service: the company sent technical personnel to the site to guide the installation, commissioning, on-site training operators.
Product quality: one year quality assurance.

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Technical Parameters:

Specification 600 800 1000
Capacity 600-800kg/h 800-1000kg/h 1200-1500kg/h
Size of Feed Port 530×320mm 750×370mm 350×870mm
Discharging Particles 0-20mm 2-35mm 4-50mm
Motor Power 22KW 30KW 45KW/55KW
Speed 1440r/min 1440r/min 1440r/min
Dimension 1.8×0.8×2.0m 2.0×1.0×2.5m 2.6×1.1×2.6m
Crusher Weight  1.0t 1.9t 3.0t
Full Set Weight 1.5t 2.8t 4.2t

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