Rubber Shredding Machine

Rubber/plastic shredding machine can be used to shred large diameter thick wall pipe, high toughness PE plastic packaging (bundles of plastic film, plastic bags, ton bags, woven bags), plastic plate-frame, rubber products, waste tires, larger trash or other materials.&a
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Rubber Shredding Machine
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►1. Products:
   The rubber shredder, also known as the intelligent biaxial shredder, achieves reduced material size by shearing, tearing and squeezing. I plant a series of shredders produced after years of research and practice, and in accordance with the actual situation to improve research and development, the introduction of mature technology and advanced design of the biaxial rubber shredder series. Rubber shredders are mainly used for grinding tires, tires, tires (radial tires) and a variety of scrap rubber products or scrap, making it powder, and to achieve the required fineness (mesh). Rubber shredders at room temperature to deal with waste tires and waste plastic, the equipment is equipped with Feng Shui cooling system, micro-dust removal device, atomization spray system, in addition to the user can also be based on special raw materials and dust removal in addition to fiber equipment. Rubber grinder is now the best choice for small investors, with a small investment, low cost, large income, simple operation, saving time and effort, energy saving and environmental protection features!
►2. Use of rubber crusher
Rubber shredder can be used to cut large diameter thick-walled tubes, high toughness PE plastic packaging (plastic film, plastic bags, tons of bags, woven bags), plastic frame, rubber products, waste tires, larger garbage or other materials. Finished products can be used as plastic raw materials for the regeneration, renewable rubber products and other purposes.
►3. Rubber shredder Scope:
Widely used in tires, waste plastics, waste rubber, wood, paint barrels, waste appliances shell (plastic shell, metal shell), large tires, large nylon material, plastic material, large fish net, large pipe, fiber, paper and other materials The.


►4. Rubber shredder equipment features:
 1) thick knife, high crushing efficiency, tools are used special tool casting, strong long life.
 2) frame plate thick, can be high torque, very strong.
 3) the use of microcomputer automatic control, set the start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function.
 4) equipment with low speed, high torque, low noise, dust can meet the characteristics of environmental standards.
 5) easy to adjust, low maintenance costs, economic and durable.
 6) The thickness of the tool and the number of knives can be replaced according to different materials.
►5. The role of rubber shredders
 1) rubber shredder is simple to operate, greatly reducing the manual labor;
 2) before the work of the shredder through the air preheating can greatly improve its working condition and service life;
 3) shredders after the completion of the work to be completely discharged after the material and then shut down the machine;
 4) Although the rubber shredder is a multi-purpose shredder, but in order to make the material evenly, for the material as much as possible to choose the same species, such as we tear rubber, it has been shredding rubber;
 5) If you want to tear off the cans to clean the machine in the tearing of the cans, so you can ensure the working effect of the shredder, shredded products more evenly, but also to protect the role of shredders.

Video of Rubber Crushing:

Technical Parameters

Model  TS-800  TS-1200
Capacity  0.8-2 t/h  1.5-3.8 t/h
Feeding hole size  ≤ 800mm  ≤ 1200mm
Final slice size  ≤ 50*50mm  ≤ 60*60mm
Power  22+22+1.5KW  55+55+1.5KW
Dimensions(L*W*H*)  2800*2100*2400mm  4800*2800*3500mm
Weight  6.2T  15.6T

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