Sawdust crusher

Sawdust crusher with blade cutting and high-speed air impact, collision double crushing function in one, and can also complete the micro-material sorting process. In the blade cutting crushing process, the rotor produces high-speed air, with the blade cutting direction.
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Sawdust crusher
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►1. Product Description:
   Sawdust machine (also known as sawdust crusher, wood cutting granulator, sawdust grinder, sawdust machine, sawdust mill) is a professional for the fine sawdust machinery, also known as "sawdust wood powder machine", is a wood shredder Of a kind. Hong Run sawdust machine is an advanced crushing equipment, the series of products in the absorption of a variety of sawdust on the basis of the advantages of the full use of impact, shear, mutual impact, grinding and other theories carefully developed. Products can be divided into a variety of models according to the 
different needs of different users to configure. Sawdust crusher with blade cutting and high-speed air impact, collision double broken function in one, but also to complete the micro-material sorting process. In the blade cutting process, the rotor produces high-speed air, the blade cutting direction of rotation, the material flow in the air to accelerate, while the double through the impact of repeated impact material to speed up the material broken rate.
2. Sawdust machine application areas:
   Can be processed raw materials: logs, branches, corn cob, bark, roots, bamboo, waste scrap, straw, Chinese medicine, tobacco stems, etc .; Uses: sawdust wood machine equipment used to process a wide range of wood chips can be used to cultivate edible fungi , The production of high-density board, and paper, can be used for chemical, building materials, medicine, health care, aquaculture and other industries.

►3. Machine composition:
Saw machine structure: The machine includes: host, motor, fan, dust collector, connecting pipe, etc., these supporting accessories are based on the performance of wood crusher configuration, to make it higher, lower power consumption, Material size is more uniform. (Note: the material size can be adjusted according to different users of different options)

4. sawdust grinder outstanding advantages:
 1) The series of equipment for mobile operations; the aircraft can work with the diesel engine, but also with the motor;
 2) The machine side made fine, high processing technology, the use of double the body, the entire equipment materials are 12 meters thick steel plate, the blade material is made of manganese 63 refined;
 3) noise is small, a full set of only a motor driven, low noise, simple structure, compact layout, updated the old wood crusher noise shortcomings;
 4) suitable for different kinds of customer needs, widely applicable to small and medium-sized particleboard and fibreboard production enterprises of the preparation section, can also be used for self-employed goods for the production of wood chips;
 5) good aftermarket Blade for the wearing parts, manufacturers to ensure that the normal working conditions to 8 months of service life;
 6) environmental protection: sawdust machine with dust removal device, more environmentally friendly;
 7) simple maintenance: sawn machine easy to repair later only need to replace the wearing parts and other tools;
5. sawdust machine working principle
 Sawdust machine crushing knife with 7 knives, a knife and centrifugal knife composition. In the three kinds of blade cutting and crushing process, the rotor produces high-speed air flow with the blade rotation, the material in the air flow and repeated impact, cutting friction, while being subject to three kinds of crushing, crushed material with the air into the analyzer for analysis, Since the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force when the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, the fine particles are collected with the gas stream into the accumulator, and the coarse particles enter the centrifugal recirculation chamber to continue the crushing until you are satisfied. degree.

Power (kw)
Capacity (kg/h)
Net/Gross Weight (kg) 
Packing dimension (m³)
22 1000 490/560 1.66*1.2*1.77=3.53

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