Scrap Car Recycling Line

This line is employed to recycling scrap car shell after removal of engine and other internal structures. A dedicated heavy metal crusher is used for coarse crushing; use the heavy horizontal crusher for further crushing; after crushing, use wind power equipment and spe
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Scrap Car Recycling Line
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Waste car recycling line is also called waste car dismantling broken production line, or scrap car dismantling production line, is the scrap car dismantling the recovery of various metal parts based equipment. Waste car recycling line is the crushing of the vehicle shell decomposition recovery processing. Through the cutting, compression, etc. to reduce the volume of metal to achieve the purpose of subsequent processing. Waste car recycling line is a complete collection of waste car recycling equipment, equipment using fully automated production. Directly reducing the amount of human input. Improve production efficiency and production. Scrapped vehicle vehicle dismantling equipment is the car for broken, dismantling, separation, screening, recycling metal, plastic shell of the special equipment.

►2. Application:
Automotive, aluminum, engine castings, waste wood, white goods, steel foot material, electronic waste. Our products are exported to Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Ireland, Austria, Turkey, France, the Netherlands, the United States, South Korea and so on.

►3. Waste car recycling line process:
Shredder (crusher), the entire car shell shredded into pieces - metal screening machine, sorting metal material, remove part of the sediment and contaminants - vibration channel, screening within 100mm metal sheet, the size of the metal sheet Back to the shredder for the second crushing - magnetic drum, separating the iron metal and the non-ferrous metal-shredder, tearing the iron sheet into smaller pieces - vortex separator, from the non-ferrous metal mixture Sorting aluminum - central dust removal system, collecting system dust, and filtering before air discharge. The entire production line equipment can be recovered dismantling broken cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other metal types of recycling processing equipment. Production can be customized according to customer demand.

►4. Function:
  The waste car is fed from the top of the inlet and falls into the rotating center of the rotor. The falling material is thrown at high speed under the strong centrifugal force of the rotor, and the counterattack plate striking inside the main unit is broken. The principle and technique of crushing Advanced parameters, reliable operation, low operating costs. Equipped with a special oil lubrication system to ensure that the lubricating oil flow between components, parts can be fully lubricated. The use of fully automated electronic control device, high production efficiency. Metal particles are easier to store relative to metal, can save a lot of warehouse space; particles transport convenience, can effectively reduce transportation costs and increase transport efficiency. Hongrun machinery on the scrapped car dismantling equipment production has many years of technical experience and production experience, the company also produces scrap car vehicle dismantling equipment, waste car recycling production line, car waste electronic dismantling equipment or production line.
5. Features:
  1) Compact design saves space;
  2) tilt up and down open box, easy to replace the blade;
  3) high utilization of bearings to reduce the use of improper use caused by bearing damage;
  4) combined with the rotor and the box process to ensure that the movable and fixed cutting tool between the gap;
  5) Replace the wear plate on the container plate on both sides of the rotor;
  6) standard models can be connected to the air supply device;
  7) independent control of electricity boxes, Siemens PL, dynamic real-time monitoring;
  8) comply with CE safety standards. Able to customize solutions for different needs, and according to local technical requirements and related laws to design a complete recycling device. Equipment in the safety, economic, ecological protection to achieve the world's advanced level.

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