Scarp Metal Crusher

The scrap metal crusher is designed for the processing and recycling of automobile body, tinplate, waste household appliances, bicycles, discarded TV, refrigerator, steel tile, cans and other wastes.
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Scarp Metal Crusher

►1.Why Use Scrap Metal Crusher?
Because of the corrosion and damage of metal products, a large number of scrap metal generated every year. According to a survey, it saves 20% fund of recycling a discarded aluminum cans  than making a new one, also saves 90% to 97% of energy. 0.9 ton new steel can be recycled from 1 ton steel scrap. Compared with the ore smelting, recycling can be cost savings of 47%, also reducing air pollution, water pollution and solid waste. It is necessary for people to form the concept of sustainable development and carrying out waste classification, recovery and recycling of scrap metal has a huge economic and social benefits.
►2.The use of Scrap Metal Crusher:
Scrap metal crusher can be broken light barbed material, iron briquettes, packing briquettes, bicycle briquettes, motorcycle briquettes, car shell briquettes, waste home appliances briquettes, color steel tiles, cans and so on.
►3.Application of Scrap Metal Crusher:
The large metal scrap crusher is designed for the processing and recycling of automobile body, tinplate, waste household appliances, bicycles, discarded TV, refrigerator, steel tile, cans and other wastes. Scrap metal recycling line can process the metal wastes into superior steel materials. The strong crushing power is able to remove the coating or paint on metal scraps and improve the proportion of volume to enhance the dissolution rate in a certain state, which is able to meet the requirement of "fine material into the furnace" in steel plant.

►4.Working Principle of Scrap Metal Crusher:
 Scrap metal crusher production line makes use of the kinetic energy generated by high-speed rotating hammer to get metal scraps crushed.
 During crushing, the surface rust, paint and other surface contaminants can be striped off.
 Magnetic separation equipment are used to get a certain of pure crushed steel. 
 The large metal crushing plant is designed specially to process unsorted mixed low-grade steel scraps and scrap cars.
 Low noise, no pollution, high crushing efficiency, fine and uniform discharging particles.

►5.The advantages of Metal briquette crusher
Scrap metal crusher crushing chamber can be fully and effectively crushed, high yield, low energy consumption, high efficiency, uniform discharge, adjustable size. And when using the device, the noise is low, smooth operation, no pollution, simple operation, easy maintenance. The machine also applies to more fragile metal materials broken and crushed.
►6. Professional Service
 As a professional crusher(shredder) manufacturer in China, we provide the most powerful large metal crusher, cans crusher, scrap crushing production line. 
 Free consulting service; 
 Suggestion on operation scale and plant program according to clients’ needs; 
 Send experienced engineer to help clients on the installation, commissioning and operator training; 
 For crushing plant, we provide 18 months warranty and lifetime maintenance; 
 Provide technical advice and give technical diagnostics; 
 Help users on their system and equipment upgrades; 
 Supply of accessories; 
 Regularly visit users, collect feedback and meet customer needs.
Should this large type scrap metal crusher or scrap recycling equipments be of interest to you, please do not hesitate  to contact us or complete the form below, and we will response to you as soon as possible. 

 Technical Parameters:

Model HR-600 HR-800 HR-1000
Power 22KW 37KW 55KW
Capacity 500Kg/hour 1000Kg/hour 2000t/h
Feeding Hole Size 600*350mm 800*390mm 1000*550mm
Dischargeing Size ≥5mm 5-30mm 10-40mm
Dimension Size 1,400*1,000*2,500mm 1,800*1,200*2,900mm 2,300*1,600*3,200mm
N.W.  1t 1.6t 6.5t

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