Motorcycle Crusher

Motorcycle crushers can be used to process the discarded car, motorcycle and bicycle into large metal blocks for further process.
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Motorcycle crushers  
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1. Motorcycle Crusher Description:
With the development of modern transport, private cars are increasing. However scrapped motorcycles and cars are hard to handle. In order to recover scrap metal and reduce environmental pollution, for this manufacture a large motorcycle crusher. Motorcycle crushers can be used to machine used cars, motorcycles and bicycles into large metal blocks for further processing. Metal crusher can be completely broken in the crushing chamber, crushing, high production capacity, low energy consumption, high efficiency, uniform emissions. Equipped with a motorcycle crusher dust collector, the entire system to run less dust pollution.
2. Application of motorcycle crusher
Motorcycle crushers can be used to crush used cars, bicycles, paint buckets, metal cans, iron and scrap, with the advantages of saving power and less manpower. The motorcycle crusher is a good product for the initial metal scrap treatment. Especially for small and medium metal waste recycling unit.
3. Features
1) unique design, rich experience and strong market competitiveness;
2) stylish and sumptuous appearance of motorcycle recycling;
3) low noise, simple operation, stable performance, easy maintenance;
4) ex-factory price high quality.
4. Motorcycle grinder performance:
1) loading and unloading motor drive.
2) blade with a special material forging, crushing the metal cans can be said to pieces like mud.
3) unique design concept, effective metal sorting the whole process.
4) strong structure, dense ribbed plate, to ensure the strength of the box.
5) automatic button control, safe and convenient.
6) Safety signs and safety labels to ensure safe use.
5. Use motorcycle crusher after crushing products Advantages:
1) particle transport convenience, can effectively reduce transportation costs and increase transport efficiency.
2) the sales price of metal particles is much higher than the price of scrap metal, scrap aluminum.
3) metal particles relative to the metal easier to store, you can save a lot of warehouse space.
4) metal particles greatly facilitate the use and re-processing.
6. Service:
1) pre-sale service: to provide you with project design, process design, suitable for your machine, equipment selection process development, according to your special requirements, design and manufacture of products.
2) sales service: accompany you to complete the equipment acceptance, to help develop the construction program and the detailed process.
3) after-sales service: the company sent technical personnel to the site to guide the installation, commissioning, on-site training operators.
4) product quality: one year quality assurance.


Model Material size Production capacity Dimensions    Weight
HR-MTC1000 5mm or more 1500-2500kg 2800*1950*2450mm   8500kg
HR-MTC1300 5mm or more 2500-4500kg 3200*2200*2600mm   14000kg

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