Copper scrap copper wire recycling scrap copper mill is inseparable

Now a lot of waste acquisition stations will receive a lot of dismantling cables or copper wire and other scrap wire or motor copper wire and other types of scrap copper molds, copper, scrap scrap, mechanical copper, copper plated, gilded copper, scrap copper castings, All kinds of copper-containing materials, such as engine, electrolytic copper, waste beryllium copper, copper wire, copper rod, waste copper, phosphor bronze, white copper, waste brass, bronze, white phosphor bronze, waste tungsten copper, Will be artificially simple sorting and removal of scrap copper sold to precious metals smelting business, this artificial disassembly is not only time-consuming and will also cause environmental pollution, greater harm to human nature, so our rapid development of scrap metal recycling Equipment in the context of artificial dismantling has been eliminated, while the East China Machinery Factory is a production of dry scrap mill manufacturers, the use of low-speed pre-crushing and the smashing of the various scrap copper wire into particles The same diameter of copper and copper size, and then by the copper scraper supporting the proportion of sorting equipment selected pure copper, not only phase high sell phase, but also to save customers time and effort without pollution and human injury, the mechanical efficiency Artificial efficiency of a hundred times, the sorting rate of pure copper is even up to between 96-99.8%, scrap copper crusher the highest degree of separation of metal in waste wire and cable, and then we can extract the high purity of copper Metals such as secondary processing or sold directly to improve their economic efficiency.

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