High Capacity Steel Crusher

High Capacity Steel Crusher

Zhengzhou  Industry Co., Ltd. is a China based crushing plant manufacturer and supplier. We are a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, design, production, sale and service of metal crusher, roller crusher, environmental friendly electric products, recovering equipments, wood crusher series and formwork.

Steel crusher is new and high efficient products, which is the independent research and development of Zhengzhou Industry Co., Ltd., with the characteristics of high capacity, high efficiency, and wide application range. The steel crusher produced by our company mainly used for crush the scrap thin sheet, cans, metal drink cans, tin slag, steel and iron scrap, metal crushing clouds shaped particle.  steel crusher reduces the transportation cost, and improves the speed of scrap iron cast furnace and the smelting iron. Proved to be the most advanced metal crusher in the world after years of practice.
The basic principles of steel crusher with a motor driven wind wheel extrusion, the core principle is to use the basic principles of a hammer, and the discharge port with a filter-type conveyors, high-speed high-torque motor driven rotor hammer on the host take turns hitting into the cavity of the substance to be broken, the space between the liner and the hammer through the formation of the material to be broken torn into conforming to specifications detritus.
Selling well in all cities and provinces around China,  steel crusher are also exported to clients in Malaysia, India, Egypt, Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia, Congo and Tanzania. Welcome to visit our factory.

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