How to deal with the problem of metal crusher motor fever

How to deal with the problem of metal crusher motor fever
      Motor is the power source of the crusher, the choice of the motor is very critical in the choice of time to be based on the configuration of the equipment based on what kind of configuration selection of what kind of motor, choose reasonable, and now many manufacturers on the market sales of broken Equipment is relatively cheap, the motor quality is relatively poor, it is prone to failure, to know a large manufacturer of motor quality is good, to better support to ensure that production, but also can effectively reduce the problem of motor fever.
      There are many factors of motor heating, the climate is hot, on the one hand. More of the motor load becomes larger, the current is too high, and then the formation of the motor fan damage, making the motor bearing damage, resulting in poor thermal insulation of the motor environment, and then the formation of the phenomenon of high ambient temperature. So we in the maintenance of maintenance must look at the use of motor current, there is no more than the rated current. And then look at the motor fan, and environmental conditions to find the cause of fever. And then also check whether the crushing chamber is blocked, or feed too fast to make the device in a state of overload. And whether the crusher of the oil is sufficient, clean.
       We as a high-quality manufacturers, in the procurement will be committed to the customer before the professional training to ensure that customers can be very good use of crusher equipment, motor fever in a timely manner when the serious downtime to see, quickly identify the formation of heat factors to prevent Downtime is too long to bring the loss.


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