Scrap steel metal crusher advantage

          Speaking of scrap iron in our lives often see abound, like scrap metal scrap scraps are scrap iron, then how do we make scrap metal get more useless, which requires the use of our scrap iron crusher Which can facilitate the processing of scrap iron industry. Hongrun machinery is specialized in the production of scrap metal metal crusher manufacturers, today we understand the details of the next metal crusher products where reflected.
        1, transport and magnetic separation of two: in order to be able to distinguish between the metal particles in the iron and aluminum particles, the new scrap iron crusher equipment transport equipment, scrap metal crusher transport and magnetic separation into one, broken by scrap Machine broken metal material can be carried out separately from the metal in the aluminum and iron and active return.
        2, a unique cutter plan: scrap iron crusher to deal with the old scrap iron crusher blade defects, switch to the special planning of the spindle and the cutter, the cutter is very use, do not need to replace, only need to make up on the cutter The knife will be able to.
        3, dust removal settings: scrap iron crusher equipped with fans and dust collector, through the broken metal material in the dust collector and fan to separate and discharge impurities, reduce the workplace of environmental pollution.
        4, the material size of the free control: scrap iron crusher can effectively control the thickness of the material, just the exact control of the distance between the cutter and the liner can be, and scrap metal crusher broken metal Material fineness up to one millimeter. China is now vigorously promoting the waste of resources and then recovered, and introduced a number of series of relevant policies and encouragement. Scrap recycling is not just a matter of saving resources, but also reduces the cost of resources. New steel, professional recycling reduces the cost of resources. But also to protect the limited resources on our planet.
          Hongrun metal scrap iron crusher unique crushing advantage to meet the maximum demand for electric furnace steelmaking, so that the prospects for investment in scrap crusher is still relatively optimistic, if there is intention to consult Hongrun Machinery Factory, but also on-site test machine The.


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