Scrap crusher advantages:

Scrap crusher use of a very wide range, with the following advantages:
       1 can be used to break a very hard material. Conventional scrap crushers and cone crushers require very rigid racks, whereas scrap crushers effectively crush hard materials such as ferrotitanium, cemented carbide, artificial Crystals, calcium-silicon alloy, ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, ferroboron, ferromanganese, smelting copper slag, etc., even under overload conditions do not damage the equipment agencies.
       2 has a higher crushing ratio. Scrap crusher than the average jaw crusher 2 to 3 times higher. General scrap crusher is not the use of impact method jaws on the role of materials in the material through the crushing chamber of conventional scrap crusher force less times the size of the force by the crusher kinematics constraints generated Broken relatively small, resulting in a system of multi-stage work. The pulsating force generated by the scrap crusher is equal to a fixed impulse. If the ore is quite hard, it will produce a complete elastic collision, the acting time is quite short and in theory it can reach a very high force. The material in the crushing cavity To the next movement, the material point of view constantly changing, which constantly changing the role of force point of view. Therefore, the material in the crushing chamber is affected by the frequency of pulsating vibration in different directions, so that the material is subject to multiple crushing action, so there is a larger crushing ratio.
       3. The unbreakable material will not damage the equipment structure. Scrap crusher using high impact speed of the jaw, the use of inertial transmission, the position of the two jaws from kinematic parameters, when the material can not be broken, with the movement of the crusher will automatically discharge from the discharge port, Do not need to shut down, it will not damage the equipment agencies, will only affect the size of the discharge of this period of time. The general crusher is strictly rigid according to the kinematic trajectory of the drive, if the outside world obstructs the completion of a body kinematics trajectory, the kinematics of the completion of the weak link in the destruction of the scrap crusher brackets, safety pin Wait.

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