Metal grinder core working parts which

Rugged metal grinder can crush massive briquetting, motorcycle frame, bike frame, baby carriage, car shell and so on into pellets for transportation and subsequent processing. Star metal grinder core working parts mainly consists of the following components:
The interior of the metal grinder is mainly composed of a rotor, a lining plate and a bottom of the sieve. The metal grinder is used to grind the scrap metal into uniform-sized metal particles by cooperating with each other.
    Rotor is the core part of the metal grinder, which consists of a rotor disc and a hammer head, which plays a role in striking the material. Therefore, each hammerhead on the rotor must be made of hard-wearing manganese steel, Our metal grinder really cut iron mud.
    Liner liner in the shredder has two main roles, one is to protect the body, in order to use the metal shredder for a longer period of time, we have installed in the metal shredder body liner to prevent the material directly to the body Wear, and easy to replace; Second, the lining of the teeth can be very good to improve the crushing ratio.
    The bottom of the sieve determines the speed, size and uniformity of the discharge of the metal crusher. The larger the discharge hole on the bottom of the sieve, the larger the metal particles we crush and the faster the discharge. In contrast, the smaller the discharge hole, the smaller the metal particles we powder out, the slower the discharge rate.

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