Scrap crusher works

Scrap crushing is the use of crusher scrap crusher, the use of sorting system crushed scrap sorting to get a pure high-quality scrap processing methods. Its working principle is that under the continuous drive of high-speed, high-torque motor, the hammer on the rotor of the crusher turns into the scrap in turn by the impact of the strong impact, the scrap is torn and crushed into a certain size of crushing Steel, and then sorting equipment, you can get high purity high quality broken steel.
After the crusher scrap has the following characteristics:
1, neat shape, similar specifications;
2, there is a higher proportion of heap;
3, fewer attachments;
4, high purity.
The use of crushed steel for steel smelting has the following advantages:
1, high yield;
2, the chemical composition of molten steel is stable, low phosphorus content;
3, smelting cycle shortened;
4, furnace lining life extension;
5, air pollution and slag reduction;
6, power consumption per ton of molten steel reduced.
For scrap recycling companies that the use of crusher scrap processing and recycling, there are advantages:
1, expanding the scope of processing and recycling;
2, high value space;
3, transport convenient and efficient.
Although the scrap processing equipment manufacturers one each, but the basic equipment generally have:
1, feed scale conveyor;
2, double roller compacting machine;
3, crusher;
4, vibration conveyor
5, magnetic separator
6, the conveyor belt conveyor.
Also need non-ferrous metal sorting, with color metal sorting machine; Need wind sorting, can be installed wind election system; Need dust, with the dust removal system.

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