How to avoid the wood grinder stuck

Anyone who has ever used a wood shredder knows that a wood shredder can jam if used incorrectly. If the wood grinder jamming phenomenon will affect the normal use, serious or even cause internal damage to the wood grinder. This is very detrimental to the wood grinder to create high profits. So how to prevent the wood grinder stuck?
Wood grinder stuck cause:
When the wood is crushed by the wood crusher, the general feeding method is generally flat feeding. The phenomenon that the wood crusher suffers the feed roller jamming is mainly because a large amount of compulsory feeding or the feeding of lumber is too thick. There are May have exceeded 12cm.
Wood shredder stuck to avoid:
First of all should be a reasonable control of the amount of feed: This is usually not to pay attention as long as more than 12cm thick material, or large bundles of raw materials directly into the wood grinder, the general does not appear this phenomenon. Second, we should ensure that raw materials feed along the length of the raw material, placing horizontal feed. If the raw material into the silo really card, only to use wood roller to stab the iron bar is strictly prohibited to poke, if not fall into the machine warehouse not only damaged equipment, but also prone to personal safety. If coupled with the delivery of equipment improperly matched, it will result in a weakening of the discharge pipe or wind after the wind blocked; In this case, should be clear to send change to match the delivery device does not match, adjust the feed rate, Make the equipment run slowly.

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