Wood crusher in use what are the problems

Bearing is one of the most important components on each machine, so the most prone to failure is more than one wood mill bearing overheating, the impact is to make the use of wood mills in the process of problems that hinder the improvement of production efficiency. Motor rotor and Wood mill itself different heart crusher rotor bearing subjected to too much pressure of the violent impact, eventually leading to bearing fever case of timber mill, if you encounter such a situation, immediately stop the machine running, the necessary fault repair, so as to avoid more Large damaged bearings.
 In the bearing overhaul, add too much oil can not be too little, should be strictly in accordance with the instructions of care and maintenance, or too much or too little oil will affect the operation and bearing heat transfer, easy to premature damage to the plate rolling mill bearings.
    Bearing itself and the bearing cover is too tight, resulting in bearing overheating, the process of friction bearings should immediately stop the mechanical operation and maintenance.
    Maintenance of the bearing replacement, there are some suggestions for everyone in the use of the plate mill rolling bearings from time to time to check the bearing wear, regular lubrication is to reduce the wear-bearing quality measures to reduce the regular cleaning of the physical cleaning. If the bearings are worn out for a long period of time, the bearing should be replaced in time. The screw extruder replaces the screw extruder evenly and fixes the screw gently to remove the dirt. These include threaded holes, blind plugs and tapered rollers, which are bearings The core method of disassembly.

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