Suddenly the template crusher fever is caused by this

Many times, the analysis of the problems of the template crusher can also be identified by the manifestation of problems, different problems are not the same embodiment, the use of template crusher fever on the issue of careful and careful view is essential of.
At this point in time, during the operation of the stencil crusher equipment, the movement of the conflict is declared and accompanied by a significant swinging phenomenon. At this time, the operator should shut down the equipment and disassemble the bearing. Conflict parts to be trimmed, and then in accordance with the requirements of the template crusher equipment bearing installation.
  Template crusher equipment operation process, to ensure that the material to be broken guess can not have some other difficult to break the impurities, the hammer should be avoided after the equipment and the impact of these impurities occur sparks, on the other hand to avoid these difficult to break the material Broken in the cavity after the impact on the sieve damage and affect the overall crushing effect.
Satisfied air volume, to ensure that the air flow on the sieve hole has an outstanding perforation speed, this will be able to improve the crushed material through the sieve to exclude the sieve speed, and to meet the air volume to crush the material and impurities between the separation operation. The purpose of improving the feeding equipment is to let the material to be broken into the template crusher equipment as far as possible to insure the feeding uniformity and maintain the relative stability between the equipment production capacity and the production current. And require the feed flow adjustment, to ensure the template crusher operating current is always stable. From the template crusher equipment operation requirements, the advantages and disadvantages of feeding equipment directly affect the equipment crushing effect.
  Faced with such a situation, first of all, we have to be able to correctly determine its normal phenomenon is still caused by the problems, which is crucial, it is about our next step on the template crusher to operate the problem.

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